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Are you a local LGBTQIA+ charity/organisation or an organisation who supports the LGBTQIA+ community within its catchment who needs help or support with funding? 

What is it?

Launched in November 2019, the Bourne Free Community Fund provides financial assistance to projects and organisations which support the local LGBTQIA+ community.

The fund had a start-up amount derived from previous donations but will be primarily funded by a percentage of proceeds from all Bourne Free events and any other donations it is able to attract. This way, the supporters of Bourne Free can directly contribute to and assist projects within our local community.

Our previous rounds of funding have seen us support Bournemouth Samaritans, The Dorset Children’s Foundation, GALOP (LGBTQIA+ domestic abuse charity) and the LGBTQIA+ Dorset Equality Network.

Patsy Hallmey from The Dorset Children’s Foundation said –

“We were delighted to gain the support from our local pride charity ‘Bourne Free’. We help and support many lgbt+ families who have sick and disabled children and the money will directly help improve their lives.”

The Bourne Free Community Fund judging panel meet quarterly throughout the year. They assess applications and decide how the funds should be allocated. The panel consists of five independent individuals – Kerry Fairweather, Romulo Bernardino, Rinske Kok, Jack Cannon and Bernadette MacDonald-Raggett. 

Louise Clarke, Bourne Free Trustee said –

“We are absolutely delighted as a charity to be in a position where we can provide financial support to very worthy causes. We are passionate about supporting the local LGBTQIA+ community and making a real difference. It is also fantastic that the people who have supported Bourne Free and our events, have directly contributed to enabling this to happen.”

So far, Bourne Free has donated in excess of £10k to groups and organisations that are improving the lives of the LGBTQIA+ community within our local area.

Who we support.

Bournemouth Food Bank

Poole Food bank

Bournemouth Samaritans


Dorset LGBT+ Equility Network


Pride Pics

Vita Nova

Poole Waste Not Want Not

Wimborne Folk Festival

LGB&T Equality Network

DYMK - Ukraine Appeal


Bournemouth Gateway Club

“Thanks to a grant of £1,144.95 from the Bourne Free Pride Festival Community Fund we were able to install an induction loop in our church Sanctuary last Thursday and to purchase two new lapel microphones!  The induction loop will allow persons who wear hearing aids to better hear and participate in our services.  The lapel microphones will help with the induction loop as well as making sound more clear for our broadcasts to those who can't join us in person.  Thank you, Bourne Free!"

Alexa Young, CA

Working with the Sponsors and Partners.



Thanks for submitting!

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